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Small Businesses Lacking Web Site Can Use Do-It-Yourself How-To Guide

With the creation of a new how-to guide, gone are the excuses that small- and medium-size business owners can turn to when asked why their companies don’t have Web sites.

“It’s too time-consuming” or “I can’t afford it” is no longer valid following the recently launched How to Build a Website manual created by, an online resource for small- and medium-size companies. lays out three easy steps that non-savvy users can follow to build and launch their own sites.

“We aimed to create a resource tool that was easy for users who have little to no background” in site construction, says April Coburn, designer of How to Build a Website. “We give them a starting point on the best tools to use. We spell out clear, concise steps … and hopefully take away any of their confusion.”

The guide helps users decide what type of site they want to build – either informational or e-commerce – and then select a company to help build it. The next step is building the actual site and the final step is promoting the site. publishes comprehensive-review Web sites relating to small-business/start-up essentials.

Because the team behind was routinely asked for advice, the guide was created to give those business owners without design and HTML backgrounds the easiest steps to create their own sites from the ground up, without having to deal with unfamiliar language or complex programs.

“Everything in this guide is straightforward, easy to understand and doesn’t use jargon that you need to look up,” reads a description in the guide. “You’ll be able to create your Web site in a matter of hours - rather than weeks and months - which will allow you to get back to business and your off-site lives.”

Along with the how-to guide, also provides users with best-practices tips, which include advice on choosing a domain name and picking a layout, and a list of the best site-building resources, such as photo and graphics editors, and a company that will provide feedback on newly designed sites.

For more information on the how-to guide, visit

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