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Facebook May Not Be The Best Place To Spend Small Business Marketing Dollars

In the wake of General Motors' decision to pull $10 million worth of advertising from Facebook, a small business marketer should be reviewing the company's efforts in this social media space.

Some experts argue that a Facebook ad is an influencer but is that really a need for a small business?

While large consumer marketers live and die on impressions, small business leaders focus on leads and conversions in their Internet efforts.

There has been much written about the business side of Facebook and how important it is to build a business following.

However, reported results of small business Facebook users are at best mixed and as with mobile advertising, still in its nascent stages.

With limited budgets and facing difficult economic times, it would seem that a prudent small business market should carefully weigh the value of Facebook against putting scarce dollars against an still unproven channel.

"Follow us on Facebook" is a catchy phrase and denotes a "with it" attitude, the payoff may not be as good as devoting dollars to other efforts. 

There is no doubt the Internet will play a significant role in future marketing but it must, according to some experts, we approach with caution and much testing. 

Some experts believe PR aimed at the marketing footprint of a small business is a better utilization of marketing dollars. 

Others argue careful ad placement in two or three medias such as local newspapers; local access channels and even Little League baseball teams can have a more powerful effect on the bottomline. 

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