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Don't Start a New Home-Based Business Without Stopping to Worry

Every day, a new home business opens its doors. And on that same day, another home-based enterprise goes out of business.

Was the business plan too ambitious? Was the owner operating at unorthodox times? Whatever the reason, it’s clear that more entrepreneurs would be successful in their home-based businesses if they had a solid set of footsteps to follow.

And that’s where Glyna Humm comes in.

The owner of two successful home-based businesses, and an experienced businesswoman for more than 15 years, recently launched, a go-to site for potential and current business owners seeking expert advice, ideas and step-by-step guidance.

Humm notes there are countless resources available to entrepreneurs if they have the time and money to invest. But too often, home-based business owners are limited in both areas.

“It would be much easier to learn from someone who has traveled the same road before them, already made and learned from the common mistakes, and found proven ways to make the business be a success,” she says.

The new blog offers periodic articles written for home-based business owners that cover such topics as why they really want to branch out on their own, if the idea they’ve selected will appeal to current-day customers, how to handle taxes and other financial aspects, and using online marketing to their advantage.

“The brand-new home-business owner has no guidance or step-by-step process to fall back on,” says Humm, for the basis of her launching the blog. “They just dive in head first into the opportunity and never stop to worry about all the obstacles that will have to be overcome.”

One recent article offers potential entrepreneurs five tips to evaluate what business option is right for them. They are:

Do a thorough self-evaluation. Think about what interests you and the goals you want to attain. You want to choose a business that you will be passionate about and a product you believe in.

Decide whether you want a traditional business or something that will create residual income.  There are many different options for both types of home-based businesses.

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. “Don’t take their word for it.” Talk to other people already in the business and be sure to do your due diligence on the company itself.

Check out the competition to see how your product fares in the marketplace. You don’t want to have the “second-best” product to offer.

Make sure the business you choose offers support and ongoing training. Try to find a mentor or coach who “has been there, done that.” You will move forward much quicker if you know what doesn’t work.

Humm’s blog also provides information on online marketing, health and wellness, social-networking tips, blogging and search-engine optimization. In addition, visitors to the site who are undecided about what type of home-based business they want to pursue can learn about a business opportunity.

In one section, visitors can ask specific questions and get responses directly from Humm.

“If I can help one person avoid some of the trials and tribulations that I had to endure on my way to success, this blog is well-worth the effort,” she says.

For more information, visit her blog at

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