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With Manager, Employee Trust Eroding, Identifying Employee Grievances Is Critical

At a time when many employees have lost trust in their managers, it is important for smaller firms to find ways of identifying employee grievances.

Many employers believe their human-resource-management systems (HRMS) or talent-management systems help to monitor employee-relations issues and mitigate legal risks. 

But a new white paper issued by Dovetail Software makes it clear that only HR case-management systems are designed to carefully track, audit, automate and deliver analytics on employee complaints and grievances.

The white paper “An HR Case Management System Is Essential for Protecting Your Organization's Reputation and Bottom Line,” provides insight into how an HR case-management system mitigates legal risks;

  • employers gain insights into hidden and potentially dangerous employee-relations trends and patterns through a case-management system; and
  • the five key benefits of implementing a case-management system.

“Many employers mistakenly believe that their HRMS or talent-management systems will protect them when it comes to tracking employee complaints and grievances," said Kane Frisby, former head of Management Information Systems/HRIS at VT Group.

 “But the truth is these systems typically aren't built to archive and report on sensitive employee-relations issues. And they definitely don't help to unify all of the various disconnected sources that might house bits of data related to employee complaints—e-mails, voice mails, paper forms and spreadsheets,” he adds.

"HRmarketer Services Group recently conducted a survey of U.S. employers, and 72% of the participants said that they don't produce audit-trail reports for their employee complaints,” noted Stephen Lynn, president and chief executive officer at Dovetail Software.

“Despite the fact that just one sexual-harassment case or discrimination lawsuit can cost them dearly in terms of their reputations and bottom lines. Our new white paper helps organizations understand exactly how an HR case-management system protects them and their employees alike,” he adds.

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper at (free registration required).

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