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Holiday Travel Is More Difficult; Strategies For Easing The Journey

With the added crush of holiday travelers, small business leaders who need to travel face additional hassles.

Here are some tips for getting through business and personal travel situations during the coming holiday season.

They are offered by On Call International’s CEO Mike Kelly to help combat typical holiday season travel-related hazards: 

Stay Healthy: Let’s face it, as the winter season approaches, more and more people pick up the flu. Be prepared before you leave for your travels by getting the flu shot, which is the single most important action to prevent the flu.

With the heavy volume of crowds in the airport, it is essential to avoid others who are visibly sick and to wash your hands with warm water and soap to kill germs. It also helps to keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you at all times and to apply throughout the security line, bathrooms, and on the airplane.

Travel Delays: Holidays are known for travel delays due to the high volume of travelers and all types of storms. Airlines begin preparing days in advance to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

If you are scheduled to fly before or after a storm, make it a point to stay informed with flight status updates. By entering your email address online, airlines will automatically contact you via email if your flight is delayed or canceled. 

Also, you can have flight status updates sent to friends and family who aren’t traveling with you. “I suggest turning to trusted sources on social media sites like Twitter for up-to-date news and information” Kelly says.

Lost Luggage: With millions of travelers heading “home for the holidays” it is important to make sure your luggage is tagged with all of your contact information such as full name, address and phone number.

Should you realize that your bag did not make it to your final destination, be sure to immediately contact a representative of your airline to report lost luggage and do not leave the airport until the problem is resolved.

Should you need help for these or other emergencies such as getting home in the event of a natural or political disaster, or if you suffer from a medical emergency, On Call is prepared to evacuate you to safety or to appropriate medical care.

On Call also offers support to members who find themselves trapped due to delays and will assist in switching flights and locating accommodations. For more information, visit:

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