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Hot Weather Brings Out The Best, Worst In Business Attire

Many business leaders are dealing with summer weather dress problems.

In a recent survey conducted by this newsletter’s parent Information Strategies, Inc., a majority of respondents said they had to inform one or more employees of the need to dress appropriately during hot weather months.

The main finding was a growing concern amongst business leaders that such dress had a negative effect on employee morale and customer perception of the firm's professionalism.

In the northeast, the recent wave of very high temperature days resulted in a marked increase in such incidents, according to survey respondents.

Of 1019 respondents the following factoids emerged:

  • 41% said they had to remind employees there was an appropriate dress code in place during the past year.
  • 39% said most instances occur during the hot weather months.
  • 42% said the recent heat wave raised questions about inappropriate dress.
  • 51% said they had "casual Friday" programs.

While 17% said they had instituted relaxed rules during summer months, a majority of these respondents said they were surprised at the rise in instances of inappropriate dress.

Even in this time of dire job loss, individuals still seem to be unclear as to the right apparel to wear to a job interview.

  • 45% said they had rejected a candidate because of inappropriate dress during the interview during the past year.
  • 69% of HR respondents said they expected applicants to dress appropriately at all times. 41% of respondents with intern programs said they had to speak with interns about inappropriate dress.
  • 16% of HR respondents said they were more lenient in summer months when interviewing.

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