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Using Improved Data Applications Can Add To Small Business Sales

Sales is the fundamental building block to grow small businesses.

With the rise of social and mobile technologies, small businesses now need to combine social data and mobility with cloud technology in order to achieve sales success and punch above their weight.

Shannon Duffy, Vice President of Marketing at Salesforce’s provides an appreciation of the current sales landscape and tips for small businesses on how to increase sales.

Shannon says small businesses thrive due to loyal customers, but they’re always trying to compete with larger companies who tend to have a larger budget and more resources.

However, thanks to tools that combine information and accessibility, small business sales teams have a newly leveled playing field – they can better understand their customers and quickly uncover the best information to connect with potential customers in the most effective way possible.
In addition to using traditional business data, small businesses should leverage social data from social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook to gain a complete business view of customers and prospects.  

Now, social profiles have emerged as an essential part of prospective customers’ personalities. By using publically available data from social profiles that customers have tied to their business profile, sales teams can research beyond a simple web search and dive deeper into a prospect’s business needs, likes, dislikes and interests.

This information provides insight that can be used to better tailor interactions and build rapport, and ultimately, create stronger relationships to increase sales.  
While social data is imperative, accurate business data is equally important. However, researching business information is time consuming and salespeople should focus on connecting with target customers instead of updating data.

In the past, sales pros had to purchase out of date lists from third parties for cold calls – but, with the power of the cloud, sales teams have information stored in one place for easy access as well as real-time updates for the most accurate data at all times.

Having correct data a directly within a sales person’s CRM system allows small businesses to better connect with potential clients armed with the latest and greatest info, giving them a leg up on the competition.
With the introduction of BYOD (bring your own device), businesses are also adapting to mobility. Tablets and phones have become the go-to devices for fast-paced business environments since they’re on-the-go with you. Small business owners wear many hats and by using a database technology that incorporates easily with your device, multi-tasking SMB sales professionals have an easy way to access information to connect with potential leads anytime, anywhere.

Cloud-based apps provide an opportunity to immediately capitalize on real-time updates to a prospect’s title, email address or other form of contact provided, literally, in the palm of their hand. The ability to leverage this information anytime and anywhere is priceless when trying to get in front of a prospect and compete with larger companies.

Small businesses need the right technology that will increase efficiency and productivity, all while doing the heavy-lifting (data updating) for them.

These technologies provide small businesses with the ability to take their complete operation with them wherever they go to obtain the same opportunities as larger corporations.

Access to correct social and business data arms SMBs with the info they need to grow their business by increasing sales leads and mobility as well as deepening connections with customers and prospects.

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