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Mistakes Can Often Teach Managers How To Be Better Executives

Nobody goes through a successful career without making mistakes.

It is how these errors are handled that often lead to positive career moves.

According to successful salesman, pilot and author of The Only Lesson, Bill McKenna, failure isn’t just good – it’s an essential tool needed for the road to business and financial success.

“I haven't had an easy life, but everything happens for a reason,” says McKenna, whose life has taken him through domestic abuse, depression, shipwrecks and even a disfiguring skydiving accident. “But no matter what’s happened, I’ve just kept going and learning from past mistakes – things I wouldn't have learned any other way – and I couldn't be happier."

Preceding a mistake, problem or conflict a person usually hears a whisper before it turns into a yell. McKenna says that mistakes are only mistakes if people ignore the lesson they are here to teach.  He believes that the same mistake or problem will recur with a slightly different mask until people learn its lesson.  Often people can find relief from a mistake or a problem through a better business process or decision-making, but it’s just relief, not a cure.

McKenna believes that in every mistake, problem or conflict, two levels of resolution are very much interconnected.

The first level is the one for the ego.  It deals with time frames, business processes and so forth. People deal with almost all business problems and mistakes on this level. They get relief by exerting their personal will to derive a certain outcome.  It works sometimes to get relief, but it’s never a cure until they learn what it was really here to teach them.

The second level is the realm of the higher self, where a cure for the mistake, problem or conflict is found.  The real lesson is found on this level, as it is learned that the problem on the level of the ego just goes away and does not come back.  Every mistake, problem or conflict has its root on this level. 

McKenna says: “The lessons are of forgiveness for yourself and others, letting go of clinging to a possession, letting go of judgment, releasing fear, compassion through understanding that you and they were doing the very best they could at the moment with where you or they were at – and finally love. Love for yourself and others…. Bet you thought you’d never be reading this in a business article.”

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