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Risk-Free Candidate Screening, Vetting, Onboarding Apps Available To Smaller Firms

A new application specifically geared to help medium and smaller companies in the search for and hiring of qualified employees has been launched with a no-cost month's trial available for a limited time.

The new offering from Ovation Technologies LLC significantly reduces the work of dvertising job openings; handling responses and unsolicited résumés, credential-checking and easing the onboarding process.

The new service is available on a employer-services platform (ESP), called Ovation, in the Google Apps Marketplace, which already has over four million companies of all sizes as users.

To sign up for a free month’s trial, go to: Hit the Get Started Now tab, and use the promo code ISIAPR2012

“We designed this application based on research conducted over the last year and as a result of our long experience in the HR sector,” said Peter Vanson, Ovation president.

“We are significantly expanding the downstream marketplace’s HR offerings with this cloud-based, software-as-a-service hiring, onboarding and screening tool specifically built and priced to serve the small to midsized business (SMB) market. These are tools formerly only available to large enterprises,” Vanson said.

Using social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and paid posting boards such as, the posting is available to a large universe of potential hires. The user can send the post to specific contacts from his or her Google and Yahoo contacts lists.

Ovation provides a powerful, yet easy-to-use, interface that allows the employer to prepare job postings from scratch or from a library of job descriptions, according to the company.

Required and optional skills, as well as geographic preferences, along with custom questions and other criteria, are presented to candidates through a Web-application landing page.

The candidate can also upload résumés and cover letters, all the time searching for key words to match company needs.

When a candidate responds, his or her application is rated for suitability based on the person’s skills and answers, and a summary is presented to the user in order of best fit.

The application also provides the employer with the ability to schedule appointments and is integrated into the user’s calendar for recruiting management. When a hire is made, Ovation provides a complete new-hire document-delivery tool and allows the user to order criminal-background checks and driver’s-license verification directly from the platform.

 “We designed this tool to provide all the services demanded by large corporations but scaled and priced for smaller enterprises,” Vanson said

“We designed this tool to provide all the services demanded by large corporations but scaled and priced for smaller enterprises,” Vanson said.

Ovation Technologies is offering a free month’s use of the application, which includes three free job posts. Subscriptions start at $29.95 a month, and new-hire onboarding is priced at $5 per hire. An actionable background screen including a Nationscan criminal search, a sex-offender and Homeland Security database check and Social Security number verification is available for $19.95.

To sign up for a free month’s trial go to:, hit the Get Started Now tab and use the promo code ISIAPR2012.

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