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Woman Overcomes Disasters To Build A Unique Glass Company

Jane Skeeter

Success is often the case of overcoming a series of disasters.

For Jane Skeeter, developing a glass company with a unique product has been a process of overcoming an earthquake and fire while developing a product that uses reclaimed glass.

She is being recognized with the Wells Fargo/Nawbo award as a business pioneer.

Jane has had to overcome many obstacles in her career to become a trailblazer including being the only woman on a job site, recovering from a fire that burned down her factory during the middle of her largest project and the tragedy of the Northridge earthquake which destroyed nearly all the company's inventory, work in progress and artwork.

"I've always viewed obstacles as opportunities to leverage challenge into advantages," she says. "Of course we have our challenges in today's economy, but I know that we will survive and thrive. Thankfully, it has become much easier for women business owners, but we continue to have challenges and I continue to be vigilant to level the playing field."

Established in 1988, UltraGlas is a recognized world leader in the design and manufacturing of thermally embossed architectural glass.

UltraGlas-e is 100 percent recycled architectural glass and can be used for gates, fences, doors, balustrades, railing, ceilings, flooring, staircases, walls, screens, security barriers, signage and lighting.

The company is also considered a single-source for all facets of designed architectural glass providing all forms of designed architectural glass for a myriad of applications.

The company's products include 15 to 100 percent recycled glass content and are developing UltraGlas-e to divert millions of tons of scrap glass from landfills throughout the country and around the world. For more information about UltraGlas, visit


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