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Small Business Employers Need To Look Closely At Resumes

Employers must be disciplined about their sourcing and selection process, a staffing expert advises, and she offers advice on how to do it.

Hiring managers need to honor the requirements of the position and the company, and avoid making exceptions for a particular candidate, says Ginny Clarke, founder of Talent Optimization Partners, LLC and author of Career Mapping: Charting Your Course in the New World of Work (Morgan James Publishing, 2011).

“Selection of talent is an art and a science that few master,” Clarke says, but here is a start.

When reviewing résumés or conducting interviews, she says, this is what to look for:

  • Basics of spelling and grammar and clarity in writing and formatting, as this shows the level of attention to detail the candidate possesses
  • Relevant industry and functional experience consistent with the requirements on the company’s position description
  • Adequate tenure in roles or with employers and no unexplainable “job-hopping,” as this can signify potential problems in the candidate’s performance
  • Upward trajectory; too many lateral moves can be a red flag
  • Capacity for leadership, adaptability, loyalty (whatever is important to the particular role)
  • An ability to articulate aspirations and motives for wanting the particular role at the company rather than just wanting any job anywhere
  • Variety or uniqueness that will add diversity to the existing team, in addition to required competencies for the role

Clarke believes it is important to build a slate of candidates who can be rated comparatively, facilitating selection of the most-qualified and best-fitting candidate for the open position.

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