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Small Businesses Are Focusing on Adding Customers, Survey Shows

Finding and retaining clients is a growing concern of small-business leaders, according to a recent survey.

While small-business owners have many concerns heading into 2010, finding ways to attract and retain customers is by far their top priority, it is reported.

According to the recently published Small Business Marketing Health Check, 50% of small businesses surveyed placed attracting and retaining customers at the top of their lists of business challenges for the coming year.

The closely related "growing revenue" was second on the list at 15%. Improving cash flow, maintaining profitability and achieving better lead generation were also among the top responses.

The survey was conducted by Hurwitz & Associates and sponsored by Protus, provider of Web-based communication tools Campaigner, MyFax and my1voice.

"Customers are always important, but in difficult economic times, every customer relationship becomes even more precious," says Joseph Nour, CEO of Protus. "Small businesses want to avoid churning customers, since it can cost as much as five times more to attract new customers than retain existing ones. The best strategy is to build a stable customer base and then work on attracting new customers from there. Maintaining quality communications is a critical part of that strategy."

"We are seeing small-business marketers increasingly reaching out to smaller enterprises for new customers," says JoAnn Laing, author of The Janus Principle, Focusing Your Company On Selling To Small Businesses. To order click here.

"Where previously small businesses drew much of their sales from just 50 miles away, the selling blueprint is now being extended, thanks to the Internet and more effective marketing," Laing says.

Protus offers several online tools that help small businesses attract and retain customers:

"Operating a small business can be challenging under any circumstances, but in the current economy of scarce credit, soft spending and decreased cash flow, it is particularly difficult to compete with the bigger companies," says Nour. "Protus’s online-communications tools help small businesses weather the current storm by attracting and retaining customers today. They also position those organizations for growth and success when the economy does turn around."

To download a copy of the Small Business Marketing Health Check study, click here. To learn more about Protus’ product offerings, visit

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